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  • He had been stalked unrelentingly for the past three days and was approaching the end of his strength. Kneeling in the dry grass, he drank from his water skin, squeezing to get the last few drops of water till the water skin's leather showed cracks . The border was just ahead of him. Behind him was the only home he had known- the high peaks of Mount Kadam and the lush forest full of life that encircled those peaks. It reminded him of Shaza’s breasts encircled by her fertility rings during her coming of age ceremony. He had enjoyed those momentous life-giving peaks and he would one day return home to reclaim all peaks, human and non-human alike, for his own. For now, he needed to get his mind off peaks and the effect it was creating in his loincloth. His predators were experienced and he preferred not being encircled and brought down without taking at least two of them to meet the underworld.

    On 02/05/2014 02:41:31 PM
  • He knew very well that in order to survive for the next half day in this blazing hot and dry part of the Land, he needed to find some sort of water source and fill his empty water skin as soon as possible. Without confronting the pursuers or diverting them in another direction, there was no chance he could go on the quest for water. His right brain was now in calculation mode, forecasting all the things that would happen if he chose confrontation or his current course of escape; however, his left brain was sending some sort of signal down his spinal cord and to his gut telling him "might as well get rid of them now."

    On 02/18/2014 06:40:37 PM
  • He noticed movement in the distant tall grass. The vegetation was being disturbed. He was not sure what was heading his way but he would be ready. Immediately, he crouched down. He felt his blood rushing. His tiredness vanished. He mentally drew a cross. Then he thought to himself that he had never been religious. It was Ben Williams, who influenced him with his consistent prayer before every kill. Then he recalled what Ben had told him. Movement this fast and disturbance like this ... either it was some kind of wild animal or his pursuers were trying to ambush him.

    By: BT
    On 02/23/2014 12:18:49 AM
  • Now he could smell his body odour - potent, a dead giveaway to where he had been. Instinctively, he positioned his body for the attack. Concealed behind some dense thicket, he prayed to remain undetected by his pursuer. He closed his eyes, bracing for the blow, aware that these could be his last terrifying moments of life. was this really how his life was meant to end? Would he be left here to die alone? The sound of the approaching danger grew closer, more intense and more threatening. He held his breath, determined not to give his position away. He hoped it would be people instead of a wild animal with a keen sense of smell. If the latter, he would be doomed.

    On 03/15/2014 03:19:06 AM