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For all booklovers, bookowl represents an opportunity to discover new and exciting unpublished books and help influence the book you want published. As a reader, you represent an author or artist’s eventual potential market. Each time you rate an excerpt of a story, you could influence a book’s future. Have you ever wanted to ask authors or artists questions? Through bookowl you can develop personal connections with the author or artists and follow them through their career development.



For free.

Free to post, contribute, and read.


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First and foremost, we completely believe in privacy and copyright protection! All your original work posted on bookowl remains solely your creation. We hope you find that sharing a sample of your work and growing your fan base early is an effective marketing strategy. You will have to do this process later on, so why not start now? Feedback from your raters may help you convince publishers (see the Owliver comic below) that a market exists for your book. So go ahead and post a sample of your story and review in real time your audience’s ratings! Seize the opportunity to define your story— both literary and career-wise.

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