1. How does bookowl work?
    1. How It Works
    2. Simply sign on as a reader or as a writer/illustrator to access our two distinct areas: My Creative Space and the Publiclogue Space.


  1. Is it free to join bookowl?
    1. It is free to join bookowl and will always be free. There is no further fine print to read.


  1. How many chapters should I put on bookowl?”
    1. As many as you are comfortable posting on bookowl.com. However, we would recommend putting a few chapters to drum up interest. Remember, the aim of bookowl is to see if people are interested in your story and to build a following for future publishing and sales.
    2. One or two chapters might give your audience enough information to rate your sample objectively but not too much in order to minimize the chance of plagiarism.


Copyright Protection

  1. Do I own my work or does bookowl have any rights to my work?
    1. You own your work. We at bookowl believe in the creativity and originality of our contributors.
    2. To protect your Illustration, please consider using an unobtrusive watermark.
    3. By contributing to the Publiclogue space, you agree that all paragraphs you input belong to the bookowl community.  (Publiclogue is a collaborative story development space on bookowl where users take turns to add to the story sequentially to shape the plot of a story.)


  1. Does bookowl own any information I post on the website?
    1. With the exception of Publiclogue stories, which belong to the bookowl community, all information posted by you will remain your exclusive property or that of a party to whom you designate rights to your work. 


  1. Is my unfinished work copyright protected?
    1. We think so and will treat it as such. Ask your lawyer in the country you live in. Also review the Berne Convention for more information.


  1. Where can I find more information on copyright protection?
    1. Check out government websites or talk to your Copyright Office. For example, in Canada, go to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and in the US, go to the US Copyright Office for information on copyright protection.        



  1. Will bookowl share any of my personal information with others?
    1. For users signed up as readers, we do NOT share any personal information with others.  Any data used will be provided in the form of aggregated marketing analysis which is non-personally identifiable.
    2. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.


bookowl Features

  1. How does “My Creative Space” work?
    1. For all bookowls, My Creative Space allows you to tailor your space to your interest in any genres. This is your account where you can keep track of your reading list, contribute content as a writer and define your story.


  1. What is the category rating “So Bad, It’s Good or SBIG?”
    1. Do you remember movies or products that you’ve seen that are so bad and yet, you can’t get enough of them? This is the same idea. Sometimes there are stories you can’t put down even though you are not sure why you are hooked. The “So Bad, It’s Good” rating is for such entertaining and addictive material, which might initially be passed up for publishing but could become a cult classic.


Publiclogue Features

  1. What is Publiclogue?
    1. Publiclogue is a collaborative story development space on bookowl where users take turns to add to the story sequentially to shape the plot of a story.


  1. How do I participate in Publiclogue?
    1. Click on the Publiclogue story you want to participate in and select the ‘Add to Story’ feature. A bookowl timer will alert you to your position in the queue.
    2. You can add to any particular story with no limit to the number of times per day that you can join the queue.
    3. You however cannot add sequentially to paragraphs you just wrote. In other words, another bookowl will have to take a turn before you can contribute.


  1. When does the Publiclogue story end?
    1. To keep this fun and interesting, we are arbitrarily ending each story at approximately 8,000 words.


  1. Publiclogue Rules
    1. Each user will get into a queue and have 6 minutes to add to the unfolding story. There is no limit to the number of times per day that a user can join the queue. You however cannot add sequentially to paragraphs you just wrote.
    2. The story ends at approximately 8,000 words in order to keep it fun and interesting.


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