What is bookowl?

We connect authors to readers and illustrators. bookowl is an online community where authors and illustrators can showcase excerpts of original stories and artwork, and where users can discover new, fun stories and illustrations and tell their friends about them.

Here's the concept: authors share an excerpt of their work, whether it be finished or unfinished, on bookowl to start marketing their story to the public and build a fan base. Readers enthusiastic about reading new stories would rate the excerpts. Rating feedback from readers is shared with the author to help them shape unfinished stories, market the book or convince publishers to make an acquisition since an audience exists for the book.

Benefits for Readers

  • Discover amazing stories and art that you can share with friends and family.
  • Develop a personal connection with authors or artists, and learn more about their thoughts and creative process.
  • Provide feedback and rating, which may help shape the development of a story.
  • Support new and emerging writers or artists through their career.

Benefits for the Author or Graphic Designer/Illustrator

  • Showcase a portion of your story or art early on and quickly build a fan base.
  • Find a website of beta readers, willing to read excerpts and offer feedback.
  • Understand your potential market through bookowl’s analytical tools so you can promote your work and sell to the right audience.
  • Connect with other illustrators or authors, who can help design your book cover or share creative and career tips.
  • Easy tools to simplify and explain the different publishing processes including a book proposal template.
  • No need to build your own WordPress website or worry about discoverability and website management.

Who we are

We are a small, merry band passionate about creating a community where serious new writers and illustrators can be discovered and promoted by readers, obtain financing for their books and illustrations and find other relevant tools to address the question “What do I do after writing a book?”

About two years ago, one of bookowl’s founders, Eb, decided to write his first book. After several iterations of the plot, he started wondering, “What if I go through all this effort and my story gets rejected by publishers perpetually?” As all writers know that would never happen... right? Apparently many publishers even rejected the first Harry Potter book by J.K. Rowling. This made him wonder, “Why did publishers reject a well written book? How do I find out early on if the book I have been working on will be of interest to anyone?” To answer these questions, he decided to start a website for new writers that would engage the public early on and analyze public responses to books in development. His family and friend pitched in and bookowl is a result of that curiosity.


Eb Mills-Robertson

Eb’s love affair with books began as a child when he spent countless hours reading in the public library after school. Eb’s favourite authors include Colleen McCullough, Sara Douglass and George R.R. Martin. He came up with the idea for bookowl while conducting research for his first novel, which is still in development. While Eb is an economist by training, reading books are Eb’s ultimate pleasure.

Bernie Ting

Bernie manages the team that implements the technical wizardry behind bookowl.com. Bernie is an avowed programming geek and the founder of Gopomo, an I.T. company that provides website and IT solutions for individuals and businesses. He enjoys working on new ideas and is available to anyone interested in ‘geeking out.’

Abeeku Mills-Robertson

Abeeku is a quintessential bookworm. He parlayed his love for books into a successful legal career in New York City and has now turned his attention to entrepreneurial ventures including bookowl. Abeeku guides bookowl’s financing and marketing strategy.

Joann Hung

An engineering consultant by training, Joann has an exceptional eye for design, branding and marketing. Joann is responsible for bookowl’s branding and had oversight of other eye-catching features of the website.

bookowl was founded in Canada and is currently headquartered in Ontario, Canada.